Follow the rules of the road!

I hate it when people lack the common sense which usually ends up screwing others (ex: me). This morning when I was heading towards the bus from home, I was standing at a major intersection (Wilshire blvd/Westwood blvd) when I see this Ford F150 take a left turn lane from Wilshire onto Westwood. Problem with that was there was no space so it was in the middle of the intersection blocking two lanes on Wilshire. That usually wouldn’t be a problem but the left turn light just turned red and now the lights on Wilshire turned green allowing people to move through the intersection. But wait, two lanes can’t! Now we have this F150 blocking two lanes of traffic, essentially preventing around 20 or so cars in both lanes from being able to cross before the truck itself was able to get out of the intersection since the street it ...(Read More)