My god, our bodies are amazing

I was heading to class (the class I am in now, so much for paying attention), I read the paper and noticed that junior Laef Barnes broke the 4 minute mark for running a mile. Think about that for a second, if you ever ran around a lap, you’ll know that doing it under one minute is pretty insane. That’s every 15 seconds, he runs a quarter of the lap. I can’t get over mymind how fast that is which is probably why only 307 Americans have broken that mark.

Spring Quarter ’06 starts now

Spring quarter starts today and my schedule looks fun fun fun! Speaking of fun, my spring break turned out pretty fun also. I went down to San Diego to visit friends and also visited Balboa Park, the Gas Lamp and Seaport Village. The last two were okay since the gas lamp is mainly cluttered with bars which I can’t access (until this friday when I turn 21!) and Seaport Village was dead since it was a weekday. Whatever. I also went to The Strokes concert the past friday and that was really fun. Although the opening band sucked really bad (“Let’s hear it for DA LADIESSSS!”) but The Strokes were awesometastic! Julian’s voice could’ve been a little louder since the music drowned him out but all in all it was well worth it. The rest of the week I just spent hanging out with friends and getting ready for school. ...(Read More)

First Impressions

With school starting last week and with such a moderate weekend, things are starting to look up. Here’s a little something of what I think about each professor: ECON 11 – The professor supposedly is easier than the other one as I found out today, which was good. I mean, she has three quizzes and if you take all three, she only takes the top score and uses it for the quiz grades. If you don’t she takes the average, that’s cool. For her teaching, she uses a mic that I guess isn’t properly tuned/places since it makes a high pitched noise every once in a while. That doesn’t bother me though. What bothers me is that it bothers her so much that she gets distracted from it and it distracts her from teaching. GEOGRAPHY 131 – This professor I have had once since he wasn’t there the first day ...(Read More)

Changes for new school year

School is about to start, with me being in UCLA this fall. I just recently moved into my apartment which is a two bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom townhouse, being shared by only one other roommate. I want my own privacy. 😀 To give you a better view of how awesome I think the place is here’s some pictures. Picture of my room from the door Picture of my room looking at the door. The door to the left is to my own bathroom. My closet that I can actually step inside of and change. Sure beats my old closet which was essentially just a small room attached to my room with no closet door. Do you have stairs in your house? Picture of living room + kitchen from the stairs view The kitchen and living room looking towards the stairs. For my room, I want another one of ...(Read More)

Ugh, it’s that time of year again

Finals is around the corner, I have a biology lab final tomorrow which I am not to worried about. Today was also the last day of my biology honors class which I wasn’t worried about. Next week I have the following due… Art final + museum report (I am so damn screwed!) Geography final, which requires like a D for me to keep my A (I love non honors classes) C++ final + final project. Yep, I am screwed. Math final. MATH FINAL. MATH F*CKING FINAL. *runs around screaming*. Other than school, this Friday I am going to the end of the year luncheon for the club/program I am in. It’ll be fun, the officers (that’s me!) will all be doing this skit from Whose Line is it Anyways? and we also made the theme to be pink and black so all the officers need to be in that color. ...(Read More)