What superhero power would you want?

Working on saturday nights is always a blast since I am placed with a very cool crew. Seeing how none of us would be able to go out Saturday night, we need to entertain ourselves so we ask stupid off the wall questions to each other. That and scaring trainees in a fun way like singing an old song then all going to the back so the trainees are all left out there clueless on the lyrics to the song. Hey, we all get embarrassed when we first start work, I just want to speed it up for them.

Yesterday we asked ourselves what superhero power would you like if you could choose one. Powers ranging from invisibility to flying were chosen, along with powers such as x-ray vision which our boss (who came in to check up on us) chose. Ya, we all know why you want x-ray vision, I just started laughing at him and told him I know why he wanted that. At first I chose telekinesis because, that’s a damn cool power. The ability to pick up things and move it without physically moving, it’s like a lazy man’s dream! I mean, what are you going to do with a power like flying? I’d wack you down with like a house or something. I later decided to change and switch my power to the power Magneto from X-men has — the power to fucking control metal substances, including liquid metal. What does that mean? If you saw X2, remember how Magneto got out? Ya, the ability to morph lead into anything. I’d have metal going around so nothing can touch me, including invisible ‘people.’ The only thing that could stop me would be like someone like Xavier, or someone with psychic powers, but who wants that as a power? It’s not “cool” or “impressive.” 😛

I ask you, the readers the question, of what you would want to have as a superhero power and tell me why. I am dying to know why you chose the certain power.