Ugh, it’s that time of year again

Finals is around the corner, I have a biology lab final tomorrow which I am not to worried about. Today was also the last day of my biology honors class which I wasn’t worried about. Next week I have the following due…

  1. Art final + museum report (I am so damn screwed!)
  2. Geography final, which requires like a D for me to keep my A (I love non honors classes)
  3. C++ final + final project. Yep, I am screwed.
  4. Math final. MATH FINAL. MATH F*CKING FINAL. *runs around screaming*.

Other than school, this Friday I am going to the end of the year luncheon for the club/program I am in. It’ll be fun, the officers (that’s me!) will all be doing this skit from Whose Line is it Anyways? and we also made the theme to be pink and black so all the officers need to be in that color. I am thinking about going dressier than usual since I know others will be and I need to look as good as them. I will probably be doing in a pink dress shirt (tucked in), nice black slacks and dress shoes. Damn, I’ll look good. Norma will be using my camera to take pictures and I will post them once I get it back from her on Saturday.

That’s like the only thing I look forward to because after that is preparation for the damn finals 🙁