Time to get in shape.

Let’s get in shape. I have a stomach I want to be toned and it wouldn’t hurt to have more stamina.

I’ll start off with
– 200 situps a day (100 in morning, 100 in evening). Will increase 50-100 every week until I hit 1000 per day. And yes, I know people who can do this. OH I AM GOING TO DIE.
– 4 miles every week (spread out whenever I have time, if no time, I guess I’ll be running 4 miles on Sunday 🙂
– Weight lifting at least twice a week, hopefully three (really busy to fit into schedule).

For me, this is realistic. I’ll build up to what I really want. 1000 situps a day, running 7-10 miles every week and going to gym 4 times a week. And hopefully if I eat right and actually stick to this, I can achieve everything I want by summer time so I can run nude around my nieghborhood. 😮 Plus, I figured it’s better to put this in words than saying it so I have something to look at and to keep track of.