Thanks for the support

Wow, the success of Placid has been great! I get a lot of emails telling me they have used it and I see a lot of sites in my referrer logs using it. Thanks to all who use it! If you need any help at all, just contact me thru an instant messenger or email. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

On another note, since the regular readers know me, they know I am probably sick of the layout already so I am designing my next theme. It’ll be for release also and it looks good so far. The #wordpress channel has given me some good feedback and opinions on what should be changed around and hopefully I’ll have it up within a month since life is getting hectic. During that time, I’ll be updating Placid with some suggestions and fixes that’ll make everyone’s lives easier. I’ll keep everyone updated….after I beat Knights of the Old Republic II. God, I love that game to death.