Spring Quarter ’06 starts now

Spring quarter starts today and my schedule looks fun fun fun! Speaking of fun, my spring break turned out pretty fun also. I went down to San Diego to visit friends and also visited Balboa Park, the Gas Lamp and Seaport Village. The last two were okay since the gas lamp is mainly cluttered with bars which I can’t access (until this friday when I turn 21!) and Seaport Village was dead since it was a weekday. Whatever.

I also went to The Strokes concert the past friday and that was really fun. Although the opening band sucked really bad (“Let’s hear it for DA LADIESSSS!”) but The Strokes were awesometastic! Julian’s voice could’ve been a little louder since the music drowned him out but all in all it was well worth it.

The rest of the week I just spent hanging out with friends and getting ready for school. I did try to shop for my new car but we are going to wait for the price to drop (few months) before we go try to purchase one again. That’s probably the only shitty thing I had that week.

Four days ’til I turn 21 and wreck havoc in the bars!