Psychology of Personality and Troy

If I could change the world, I would make everyone take Psychology of Personality. It’s just one of those courses that’s interesting although has no applicable use in life nor does it fill any specific class requirements for college. The only problem is that I cannot stand the tests since no matter how hard I study, I still can’t seem to get a good grade on it. But the class point system is so diverse that I can make it up in another area. The class discussion and the actual material you learn is quite informative and is the only reason why I like the class so much. For example, studies have shown that a cheerful person dies sooner than a non cheerful person. That itself is quite disturbing and it’s a good thing that it is not public knowledge or people wouldn’t want to be “cheery” anymore. In addition to the weird material you learn about personalities, you learn a lot about yourself in that class. According to my class, you take multiple tests in which you analyze the results and at the end of the semester you type a paper up with all the results and theories tied together. Not as fun as it sounds, but it’s rewarding as you learn more about yourself than you ever would have.

It’s finals week next week and I have it relatively “easy.” Out of the four classes I have, two of them are take home finals and I already finished one. The other one I have such a high grade in the class that I don’t need to worry about it until later. The two finals I need to study for is my math and psychology. I need to get good grades on them as the final will determine the A or B I will recieve in the class. My english final was just an essay critiquing the class so I finished that up yesterday and sent it to my cousin (who I love so much for putting up with my horrible writing skills) to help me revise it. My econ final is a packet of 50 multiple choice questions on two chapters. Easy enough, I have been getting A’s without studying for any of his tests so I just need to put some time into this one. I checked my grade and I could get a D on the final and still maintain my A in the class. Thank god for his weird point system.

So far since Thursday I have been doing schoolwork in the daytime and nighttime except for last night when I decided to work on my layout for a while. It’s done, completely designed in CSS and also got it validated XHTML STRICT 1.0 and CSS. I am pretty happy about the layout since I never designed in CSS before but I won’t release it until I finish the other sections on my site; expect the layout up in a few days.

Oh, I also went to watch Troy last night. Quite interesting, when I first saw the trailers I was already set on watching it since I loved greek mythology when I was a kid. This movie didn’t bother putting in important details about the myth. But hey, it’s Hollywood, they need to create a movie that will sell and if it means making their own version of Troy, so be it. I loved Eric Bana’s role in the movie, Hector, and he did a really good job playing his role and I look forward to watching his movies in the future. And of course, we have our pretty boy Orlando Bloom. It just screamed Legolas when he used a bow and arrow as he even acted like Legolas when using the bow! Aside from the flaws in the movies, it was a good movie. Anyways, it’s 1:30am and I am listening to X Japan – Art of Life. The song is 30 minutes of sex, go download it; you will not be disappointed.