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Citi’s Driver Edge Credit Card is Awesome

So I was going through my finances like I do every few days, since I don’t really keep an actual written budget (more like its in my head, I am pretty good with that sort of stuff) and I noticed I got a DE SERVICE CREDIT on my credit card in in the amount of 50.xx. After thinking about it, I remember it was probably due to the service rebate form I sent in two ...(Read More)

Ipods, even retards can use it

Bush: Put it in my pocket, got the ear things on. This is President Bush, talking about ipod, explaining how he puts his ear things on. What the christ.

Improving physique without weights

Ian over at JustAGuyThing posted an article (a while back) on how to improve your physique without lifting weight

Follow the rules of the road!

I hate it when people lack the common sense which usually ends up screwing others (ex: me). This morning when I was heading towards the bus from home, I was standing at a major intersection (Wilshire blvd/Westwood blvd) when I see this Ford F150 take a left turn lane from Wilshire onto Westwood. Problem with that was there was no space so it was in the middle of the intersection blocking two lanes on Wilshire. ...(Read More)

I wish some things were true on April Fools

For example, Google announced Project Virgle which is a joint project with Virgin to create the first colony on Mars. That would be so cool if it were real 🙁