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BMW Concept Cloth Car

BMW builds concept car out of cloth – Just ignore the user comments.

The World Ends With You (Me)!

Recently, I have been playing the game The World Ends With You on the DS. Here’s a synopsis since I am horrible with explaining. From the creators of the award-winning Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises comes a revolutionary, modern action-RPG title for a new generation of gamers. Square Enix and Jupiter team up once again to showcase The World Ends With You, a trendy and vibrant gaming experience developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. ...(Read More)

Microsoft rejects Yahoo

I haven’t been following closely at what has been going on with Microsoft’s negotiations to take over Yahoo besides hearing the intent to buy and last week when Microsoft was mentioning it might pull out. Well apparently it did over the weekend and as a result, the Yahoo stock has plunged which is what analyst would say if Microsoft were to pull out. Now, why is Yahoo not accepting Microsoft’s offer anyways? Is it because ...(Read More)

Last day to file taxes

I never understood why people always wait til today to file their taxes. I mean, from what the news indicates it seems to be a majority of people always waits until the last week to file their taxes. Once I recieve my forms from my employers, I like to file for taxes right away. There is less stress on me, I get my refund within 2 weeks and I do not need to worry about ...(Read More)

My god, our bodies are amazing

I was heading to class (the class I am in now, so much for paying attention), I read the paper and noticed that junior Laef Barnes broke the 4 minute mark for running a mile. Think about that for a second, if you ever ran around a lap, you’ll know that doing it under one minute is pretty insane. That’s every 15 seconds, he runs a quarter of the lap. I can’t get over mymind ...(Read More)