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Ferrari Logo

Title: Ferrari Logo super long title so i can see how it wraps Uploader name: cLin Upload date: 1/1/10 Ferrari’s logo, correct the auto tone.

Homeless saxophone player

Ferrari Logo originally uploaded by cLin Homeless man outside of convention center playing for tips. He got mad at me for taking his picture and not tipping until my girlfriend told him that she tipped for me. And it was my idea too 🙁 I upped the contrast and made it brighter since I just loved the red and blue.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Title: Los Angeles Convention Center (LA Auto Show) Uploaded By: cLin Upload Date: 28th November, 2008 Shot outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center leaving the Auto Show. Seems like the show disappoints me more and more each year =\

Robert Mondavi Hallway

Robert Mondavi Hallway, originally uploaded by cLin. Right hallway at the Robert Mondavi Winery.Testing

Why are iPod earphones so bad?

Taking public transportation to work allows me to witness many things. I noticed there is always one person that smells and looks like they haven’t showered in years. Everyone thinks the whole world wants to hear their phone conversation. And probably due to where I live, I noticed a lot of young females with babies (yay Metro blue line). The one thing that bugs me the most is when I have to listen to someone’s ...(Read More)