New theme: Imhotep

First of, let’s define who Imhotep was:

Imhotep was chief architect to the Third Dynasty King Djoser (2687-2668 BC). He is the first master architect we know by name, and was in charge of building the original step pyramid at Saqqara. This pyramid also set a precedent by including a collection of temples, pavilions, corridors, chapels and halls within the enclosure walls.

I’ll let you figure out why I decided to name my theme Imhotep 🙂

Demo: click here
Download: click here (1.01)
Instructions: Unzip and drop imhotep folder into wp-content/themes then activate

Notes: None, just a stock theme. Please check the demo url for the stock version of the theme. The one being shown on ATN is my personal modified version 🙂

Also, the blog header image was made with a camera set to 10 second exposure, then I took a flashlight and wrote the word blog in the air 🙂