I am so bored.

Man, coming back from Taiwan after spending a month on this chinese cultural study program dubbed “loveboat,” you figured I would be occupied for at least two weeks. Nope, after a few days I started getting bored. Although I uploaded the pictures of my trip (on bottom right, set it to date taken and ascending so you can see it in order) and have talked to all my friends and family about my trip, that only kept me occupied for the first week. So for the past weeks I have been back, I have been staying up late (3-4AM) reading Harry Potter (books 3-5), chatting with my loveboat friends online whom I miss so fucking much and hanging out with Norma, Sean and Roy.

Oh and cooking. Ever since I got back I have started cooking so since I like eating and it’s fun to do. This doesn’t constitute as “cooking” but Sean, Roy and I had Hot Dog Rollups which are essentially hot dog wrapped in bacon, wrapped in beef and cheese which is soaked in egg. Heart attack in a package. Here’s some pictures.

Sean eating his.

Process of cooking it.

The hot dog rollups were SO DAMN GOOD even though I felt my heart stopping for a minute. I also made some Italian dishes throughout these two weeks and tonight I finished baking my first cake.

MmmmM, cheesecake with strawberry glaze, everything made from scratch.

Ya, life is back to normal. I do however felt the urge to do some designing so I might get back to the template I was working on before I left. here’s a little peak at it.

Ya, I will be working on that for a bit. Don’t even have a title for it yet.

On the eighth, I had my UCLA orientation and man I am going to be so screwed. I have to take out so much in loans since I don’t want my parents helping me and then my class schedule is still being worked on since I practically got last pick but I did however get my apartment/townhouse. Two bedrooms and two 1/2 bathrooms and sharing it with only one person. Kickass.

School itself doesn’t start until 9/29 so I think I will go back to LBCC and see if I can get a job for a month. I know my ex-boss pretty well and he thinks I am a good responsible guy so I think I can get a job. If not, this is going to be a long ass month.