I am gone for this weekend

I will be up in San Francisco visiting my rich cousin and her adorable little baby (not so little) this Labor Day Weekend. That’s pretty much all I have to say, I will be bringing my Powershot A80 and taking lots of pictures. Someone requested a picture of their HUGGEEE house and I will do that also. Not much to say since my thoughts are sort of clouded with other things now. If possible, comment with what you are doing Labor Day Weekend, even if it’s crying at home since you have nothing to do. I will do my best to comfort you.

As for my site, I am changing my domain name to http://a.trendyname.org. Right now, it shows nothing but when I am ready, lat3nt.net will redirect to the new site with this, in my opinion, kicking new layout. Also, I made a wallpaper when I was bored yesterday, I will finish it up and post it later.

Also, hosting….well, I am much lighter on rejecting now. So most likely, anyone who joins will be accepted unless your coding/design is atrocious.