First Impressions


With school starting last week and with such a moderate weekend, things are starting to look up. Here’s a little something of what I think about each professor:

ECON 11 – The professor supposedly is easier than the other one as I found out today, which was good. I mean, she has three quizzes and if you take all three, she only takes the top score and uses it for the quiz grades. If you don’t she takes the average, that’s cool. For her teaching, she uses a mic that I guess isn’t properly tuned/places since it makes a high pitched noise every once in a while. That doesn’t bother me though. What bothers me is that it bothers her so much that she gets distracted from it and it distracts her from teaching.

GEOGRAPHY 131 – This professor I have had once since he wasn’t there the first day of class (class cancelled, what a great way to start a quarter :D). I can tell he is very into his field since he talks about his research quite often while sticking to the subject plus he has a good sense of humor. Every once in a while he throws in a joke that is actually funny and makes the class laugh. And as far as I can tell, I am not giving a pity laugh.

MATH 33B – I hate this guy. He may have been paid to do research and publish papers but he cannot teach worth a damn. I have to look at my last semester notes so I can see what is going on. Good thing this class is semi review since half of my last math class was going over the subject of differential equations. Also, this guy teaches straight out of the book with no explanation. He just writes formulas and equations down without explaining it. I remember today he wrote down an example problem and just right after wrote the answer and sorta did something then said, ya, that’s the answer. Whatever, I’ll just be in the math lab with the math TAs.

My school schedule is kind of weird, click the link to check it out. Every M/W/F after class I will probably be going to the math lab to work on math. In between classes on T/TH I will either be going to the gym or studying. At least it’s a way to meet people and catch up on work rather than coming home and sulking about such a shitty, boring life I have. Hopefully the clubs I plan on joining will be just as good and I can meet more people. I just want to meet peopleeeee and frat boys so I can go to their parties and know the low down on what is going on in the social atmosphere. 🙂