Finance and tumbles

For the last few months, I have been keeping up with a number of personal finance blogs since they tends to keep me on track financially (which is to stop spending so much). You figure a college student, making barely any money, loaded with debt that this would be the last thing too worry about. But these days, everyone is starting to invest early and seems to be what most PF blogs lean towards. I have been for the last several years looking at my spendings but as I earn a bit more here and there, I spend a bit more so my spending/earn ratio never really changes.

I noticed over at An English Major’s Money about a website that keeps track of your net worth. I thought that was a neat way for me to keep track of how much I was worth since numbers and graphs are so appealing so I went ahead, registered and posted my net worth(a surprising negative amounts due to the student loans). Hopefully, with its monthly reminders, I can keep track and hopefully see my net worth rise. But knowing me, it probably won’t until I work full time and have the ability to live like I live now while saving money.

Link to my net worth

Everyone always calls me cheap/frugal but I figure if I save some here, I can splurge on something else which is what ends up happening. By the time I get a full time job, if I can make sure my spendings doesn’t increase with my earnings, I can pay off my debt quickly and start putting money away for investments/a house. Everyone wants a house.