Finally, I can rest.

Before, I complained about how I hate blogging since I am either too lazy or just don’t have anything to update.

Well, finally, when I want to blog, I am too busy and I have so many things to write about that I don’t know where to start. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but I just realized that. Throughout all of last week since my last time I blogged, I did way too many things. But now, it’s all over and I get to rest…in preparation for next week.

Last Wednesday, someone and I just went to the mall after class to pick up some things then decided, at the spot, to go eat at BJs. That was kickass, I always liked doing things impulsively. Probably explains why my wallet is light all the time, since I apply that to my shopping habits also. We then went to Coldstone and sat in my car and just talked even though I had a math test the next day. But at that moment, I. Just. Didn’t. Care.

The weekend was fun also. The club I am in had a bonfire on Saturday and a lot of people showed up. I had a lot of fun at the beach, surprisingly. Some girls tried to bury me while I tried to run away. Ya, I thought I could take them but realized that three girls combined are stronger than I thought. Anyways, giving in and then running is always a way to beat them 😀 Since my camera broke (it’s fixed and on its way home to me :)), I couldn’t take any pictures so I need to ask my friends who took the pictures. Sunday, however, was a different story. In my last post, I said that I had two tests and a term paper due. Well, I just started doing all three on Sunday. Since Sunday to now I think I had like 15-17 hours of sleep. And this isn’t finals yet. I know some people sleep that amount usually but I usually get like 8 hours of sleep so that kicked my ass.

Anyways, I finished everything and now I get to relax. Got a garage sale for club this Saturday, Saturday night my cousins are taking me out to eat sushi and Sunday I am going to the Bowers Museum. TONS OF FUN!