Explanation for this week’s adventure.

Hello avid readers of my blog. Why you are here, is unknown but last week my host, turnkeyresellers.com, had a server crash on the server I am on. Due to his slow response and poor support, we are now on a new host, hostdaemons.com. My previous host also had the nerve to say he lost all the databases on that server, resulting in a lot of his clients leaving but whatever.

For my blog, my latest backup was last September so I thought I was screwed. BUT, with bloglines.com which indexes and archives the sites that ping a service (such as weblo.gs) and google, I was able to get my blogs back that were lost from Sept to Jan. What I did was this.

  1. Login to bloglines and subscribe my site
  2. Click on my site and select”All items” on the dropbox “Display items within the last”
  3. Bloglines show an excerpt of all your blogs but you just what to know the blog date.
  4. Go to google.com and enter this in your search engine “inurl:sitename.com/archives/(year)/(month)/(date)
  5. If you don’t have nice permalinks, it’s usually inurl:sitename.com/url/to/wp/index.php?p=# where # is the id of your blog. In that case, start with 1 and move up.
  6. In the search results, click on the cache results and their’s your blog post for that day 😀

Tedious as hell but I wanted my blogs. I didn’t do comments cause I didn’t want to waste that much time recovering my blog.

Shoot, now I gotta clean up this mess my host left. If you have any questions, IM me or email me. If I don’t reply in the IM, please email me. And I will be scripting a database of all my hostee’s information (u/p/email) since I am sick of asking you guys so I’ll update you guys on that.

NOTICE: If your site doesn’t work and I haven’t told you anything about closing your account, message me since I can’t remember everyone’s account and I probably forgot you. Sorry.