Citi’s Driver Edge Credit Card is Awesome

So I was going through my finances like I do every few days, since I don’t really keep an actual written budget (more like its in my head, I am pretty good with that sort of stuff) and I noticed I got a DE SERVICE CREDIT on my credit card in in the amount of 50.xx. After thinking about it, I remember it was probably due to the service rebate form I sent in two weeks back.

First of all, how it works is basically any kind of car service you perform on your registered vehicle on the card, as long as you fill out a form and send in your receipts (which you’ll never get back), they will credit you for the full amount sans tax. Basically, free car service. In my case, I got an oil change and it came out to be 53.xx with tax included. For some reason, i thought they would only refund a certain percentage but apparently they refund you the whole amount and I cannot find any sort of maximum cap anywhere.

Next time I go get my 15k or 30k service, I am definitely charging it onto this card. Plus, the 6% gas rebates for the first year isn’t as bad since I use gas so much.