Changes for new school year

School is about to start, with me being in UCLA this fall. I just recently moved into my apartment which is a two bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom townhouse, being shared by only one other roommate. I want my own privacy. 😀

To give you a better view of how awesome I think the place is here’s some pictures.

Picture of my room from the door

Picture of my room looking at the door. The door to the left is to my own bathroom.

My closet that I can actually step inside of and change. Sure beats my old closet which was essentially just a small room attached to my room with no closet door.

Do you have stairs in your house?

Picture of living room + kitchen from the stairs view

The kitchen and living room looking towards the stairs.

For my room, I want another one of those dish chairs that I have downstairs. Or I would take the one downstairs but I need something to replace it otherwise it looks too empty. It’s so weird living on my own, everyone is so far away from me so I get bored everyday. I can’t wait until school starts so I can make some new friends and girls.

Starting next Thursday, I will be taking Microeconomics Theory (econ), Differential Equations (math) and Environmental Change (geo) as an elective. Hopefully this quarter will be easy since I plan on taking 4 classes in the Winter quarter.