Site Updates

Placid 1.01

As you have noticed, I changed the layout. Again. It’s a revision of the old one with a lot of the quirks cleaned out. I tried to get the theme looking the same in both IE and Firefox and there are some things that only Firefox detects so either a) change to that browser b) you won’t be able to see some of the things. Now, for the release. If you download and use it and note any bugs, please reply below or something so I can fix it in the next release. Demo: Placid theme live Version: 1.01 (released 3-2-05) Download: here (need winzip to open) Installation: Install it like any other theme, drop the folder into the wp-content/theme folder (requires 1.5 to be installed). Note: This is just a basic release, no plugins attached or any of that. It goes along with the stock installation of wordpress. Please ...(Read More)

Hey, life’s busy..I think

I want to blog but I just don’t know what to blog about anymore. School is going good for me, I am currently waiting for my UC rejection letters to come in the mail. I joined the same clubs I did last semester but I picked up board positions so now I am an officer. I currently have a lot of bandwidth and space to kill so if you have friends that need hosting that you think would be qualified, tell them to talk to me 🙂

I am so excited.

I am almost done with my theme for my site. It’s going to be a theme for 1.5 (also checking 1.2.2) for wordpress and it’s going to look similiar to this one with all the fixes that I put down when I was working on this site. Stay tune!

Explanation for this week’s adventure.

Hello avid readers of my blog. Why you are here, is unknown but last week my host,, had a server crash on the server I am on. Due to his slow response and poor support, we are now on a new host, My previous host also had the nerve to say he lost all the databases on that server, resulting in a lot of his clients leaving but whatever. For my blog, my latest backup was last September so I thought I was screwed. BUT, with which indexes and archives the sites that ping a service (such as and google, I was able to get my blogs back that were lost from Sept to Jan. What I did was this. Login to bloglines and subscribe my site Click on my site and select”All items” on the dropbox “Display items within the last” Bloglines show an excerpt ...(Read More)

I am gone for this weekend

I will be up in San Francisco visiting my rich cousin and her adorable little baby (not so little) this Labor Day Weekend. That’s pretty much all I have to say, I will be bringing my Powershot A80 and taking lots of pictures. Someone requested a picture of their HUGGEEE house and I will do that also. Not much to say since my thoughts are sort of clouded with other things now. If possible, comment with what you are doing Labor Day Weekend, even if it’s crying at home since you have nothing to do. I will do my best to comfort you. As for my site, I am changing my domain name to Right now, it shows nothing but when I am ready, will redirect to the new site with this, in my opinion, kicking new layout. Also, I made a wallpaper when I was bored yesterday, ...(Read More)