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New Year, New Posts

Today is the second day where I am completely free without any responsibilities (perks of unemployment). I’m already bored. Well, in the sense that I feel like I have nothing to look forward to even if it’s the typical 9-5 job. However, hopefully while looking for a job, I hope to accomplish several things. I recently discovered Los Angeles’ Official Visitor’s Site which is surprisingly, full of updated information on what to do in Los Angeles. Things like walking tours (self guided), scenic drives, free museums, I’d like to check out all of that while bringing my camera along so I can take pictures. My newest layout, which is just a simple design is almost done. Just need to update the single posts page, comments area and fine tune the minor details. Hopefully I can have it up by the end of this week. I would also like to redo ...(Read More)

WordPress 2.5 is a nice change

Oh man, for some reason I decided to check today and noticed they came out with 2.5. Since I have heard a lot of rave about it and saw that they redesigned the administrative panel, I decided to upgrade. Boy, I am happy, best new feature I discovered is the gallery, no more need for gallery plugins or addons, this seems to integrate straight into wordpress. Now, I hope none of hacks/plugins are broken. One thing I noticed as I am using the admin panel now, is I want to be able to change the categories so it is to the right of the text box like it was before. I have a large monitor and there is a lot of unused space to my right.

I am so bored.

Man, coming back from Taiwan after spending a month on this chinese cultural study program dubbed “loveboat,” you figured I would be occupied for at least two weeks. Nope, after a few days I started getting bored. Although I uploaded the pictures of my trip (on bottom right, set it to date taken and ascending so you can see it in order) and have talked to all my friends and family about my trip, that only kept me occupied for the first week. So for the past weeks I have been back, I have been staying up late (3-4AM) reading Harry Potter (books 3-5), chatting with my loveboat friends online whom I miss so fucking much and hanging out with Norma, Sean and Roy. Oh and cooking. Ever since I got back I have started cooking so since I like eating and it’s fun to do. This doesn’t constitute as ...(Read More)

I am back and gone

I am back from Taiwan after spending a month there on this study program unofficially named loveboat. I am also not going to be blogging as much anymore since I don’t have the energy to do so. I will only blog when I update the site or when I have something big to announce.

Thanks for the support

Wow, the success of Placid has been great! I get a lot of emails telling me they have used it and I see a lot of sites in my referrer logs using it. Thanks to all who use it! If you need any help at all, just contact me thru an instant messenger or email. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. On another note, since the regular readers know me, they know I am probably sick of the layout already so I am designing my next theme. It’ll be for release also and it looks good so far. The #wordpress channel has given me some good feedback and opinions on what should be changed around and hopefully I’ll have it up within a month since life is getting hectic. During that time, I’ll be updating Placid with some suggestions and fixes that’ll make everyone’s lives easier. I’ll ...(Read More)