Blue Scholars

I have always been a fan of underground hip hop, or anything underground that is good. Some bands speak their minds through the lyrics in their songs; Blue Scholars is one of those bands that achieves that. Listen to the words from Blue School and you will be amazed about the lyrics that are said while not making them sound too intellectual. It’s surprising, I wish there are more groups like Blue Scholars out there. I’ll just throw some reviews about the group from other sites instead of writing a crappy review. The Blue Scholars are a DJ-MC duo hailing from the green wooded western land of Seattle, Washington. Filipino emcee Geologic and Persian American DJ/Producer Sabzi will hit you with that ultra lyrically lyrical type of hip-hop without betraying the boom bap and choice samples. Their musical upbringing coincides with the “middle-school” era of hip-hop (Pharcyde, Nas, Wu-Tang, Pete ...(Read More)