Google Adwords Fundamentals Exam

Since starting at my new job, I had to be trained on the spot using the marketing platform for Google, Bing and Yahoo. One thing my boss wanted all the employees that work in search marketing to have was to be certified with Google Adwords. I did some research ahead of time and noticed that the exam was revised in November 2009 and made much harder to filter out those who don’t know the platform from those who do. To be certified for Google Adwords you need to take two exams; the first is about basic fundamentals and the second in either advanced search or reporting and analysis. There were also very few posts/threads on sample questions, practice tests or anything that would help me. The little information there was, turned out to be an emphasize on the amount of detail in the questions. I have only used Adwords for ...(Read More)

New Year, New Posts

Today is the second day where I am completely free without any responsibilities (perks of unemployment). I’m already bored. Well, in the sense that I feel like I have nothing to look forward to even if it’s the typical 9-5 job. However, hopefully while looking for a job, I hope to accomplish several things. I recently discovered Los Angeles’ Official Visitor’s Site which is surprisingly, full of updated information on what to do in Los Angeles. Things like walking tours (self guided), scenic drives, free museums, I’d like to check out all of that while bringing my camera along so I can take pictures. My newest layout, which is just a simple design is almost done. Just need to update the single posts page, comments area and fine tune the minor details. Hopefully I can have it up by the end of this week. I would also like to redo ...(Read More)

What superhero power would you want?

Working on saturday nights is always a blast since I am placed with a very cool crew. Seeing how none of us would be able to go out Saturday night, we need to entertain ourselves so we ask stupid off the wall questions to each other. That and scaring trainees in a fun way like singing an old song then all going to the back so the trainees are all left out there clueless on the lyrics to the song. Hey, we all get embarrassed when we first start work, I just want to speed it up for them. Yesterday we asked ourselves what superhero power would you like if you could choose one. Powers ranging from invisibility to flying were chosen, along with powers such as x-ray vision which our boss (who came in to check up on us) chose. Ya, we all know why you want x-ray vision, ...(Read More)