I am in!

I just found out I got accepted into UCLA. Anyways, since this is the only school I got accepted to and that I really wanted to go to (first choice), I officially accepted and will be registered as a Bruin come this fall. Another thing I saw that was nice was that I am getting $21,000 worth of grants while the school is approx $22,000 a year. So it’s almost a free ride for me. All I need to do is get some scholarships and I won’t need to worry about the financial aid.

Finally, I can rest.

Before, I complained about how I hate blogging since I am either too lazy or just don’t have anything to update. Well, finally, when I want to blog, I am too busy and I have so many things to write about that I don’t know where to start. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same but I just realized that. Throughout all of last week since my last time I blogged, I did way too many things. But now, it’s all over and I get to rest…in preparation for next week. Last Wednesday, someone and I just went to the mall after class to pick up some things then decided, at the spot, to go eat at BJs. That was kickass, I always liked doing things impulsively. Probably explains why my wallet is light all the time, since I apply that to my shopping habits also. We then ...(Read More)

Protected: Time for another life update

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Life is busy, and I love it.

I am so tired when I don’t need to be. School, clubs, social, work. I could just do nothing but I push myself to do more. Why? Don’t know, I seem to get bored easily and I constantly need to be fidgeting with something. I want to buy a Rubiks Cube and try to get it so I can solve it under 3 minutes like some people I have talked to. They told me it’s all strategy and plus it should keep my brain active for a while. Leaders Across Campus, is this program I belong to at my college. It’s a mentoring program where people who need academic mentoring sign up and are paired with someone according to their personality. This semester I decided to help out on the board and be a team leader. What I do is I am given a group of mentors and they report ...(Read More)

Hey, life’s busy..I think

I want to blog but I just don’t know what to blog about anymore. School is going good for me, I am currently waiting for my UC rejection letters to come in the mail. I joined the same clubs I did last semester but I picked up board positions so now I am an officer. I currently have a lot of bandwidth and space to kill so if you have friends that need hosting that you think would be qualified, tell them to talk to me 🙂