Robert Mondavi Hallway

Robert Mondavi Hallway, originally uploaded by cLin. Right hallway at the Robert Mondavi Winery.Testing

I am so bored.

Man, coming back from Taiwan after spending a month on this chinese cultural study program dubbed “loveboat,” you figured I would be occupied for at least two weeks. Nope, after a few days I started getting bored. Although I uploaded the pictures of my trip (on bottom right, set it to date taken and ascending so you can see it in order) and have talked to all my friends and family about my trip, that only kept me occupied for the first week. So for the past weeks I have been back, I have been staying up late (3-4AM) reading Harry Potter (books 3-5), chatting with my loveboat friends online whom I miss so fucking much and hanging out with Norma, Sean and Roy. Oh and cooking. Ever since I got back I have started cooking so since I like eating and it’s fun to do. This doesn’t constitute as ...(Read More)

Thailand, home of the transvestites

I was just in Thailand for the past week. I don’t know when I arrived nor when I left so the dates are somewhat accurate according to my computer. Without internet access and a laptop, I decided to keep a little log of my outgoings. I’ll update with pictures when I get an internet access with uploads speeds higher than 5 kb/s. Click on read more for my adventures…

Nathalie bday pics up

Went to the Caspian, a Persian restaurant, for Nathalie’s 19th birthday. There were belly dancers and the food was good. The photos are up in the gallery