Los Angeles Convention Center

Title: Los Angeles Convention Center (LA Auto Show) Uploaded By: cLin Upload Date: 28th November, 2008 Shot outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center leaving the Auto Show. Seems like the show disappoints me more and more each year =\

Robert Mondavi Hallway

Robert Mondavi Hallway, originally uploaded by cLin. Right hallway at the Robert Mondavi Winery.Testing

Why are iPod earphones so bad?

Taking public transportation to work allows me to witness many things. I noticed there is always one person that smells and looks like they haven’t showered in years. Everyone thinks the whole world wants to hear their phone conversation. And probably due to where I live, I noticed a lot of young females with babies (yay Metro blue line). The one thing that bugs me the most is when I have to listen to someone’s music because their volume is too loud. Of course, with ipods leading around 75% of the mp3 player market, most of the music I hear are from people carrying ipods. Now before I owned an ipod, I always bought earphones from companies that specialized in…audio. Makes sense right? Spend a bit more money and get better audio quality. Because of that, i never actually tried those trendy white earbuds that come with every Apple Ipod ...(Read More)

The World Ends With You (Me)!

Recently, I have been playing the game The World Ends With You on the DS. Here’s a synopsis since I am horrible with explaining. From the creators of the award-winning Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises comes a revolutionary, modern action-RPG title for a new generation of gamers. Square Enix and Jupiter team up once again to showcase The World Ends With You, a trendy and vibrant gaming experience developed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Featuring an intuitive combat system and exciting multiplayer mode, The World Ends With You is set to immerse gamers into the modern-day culture of Japan. Story The story begins as Neku Sakuraba, an unsociable 15-year-old boy, unexpectedly wakes up in the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. While trying to piece together his rude awakening, he receives a strange text message warning him that he will cease to exist unless he accomplishes a certain mission. ...(Read More)

Last day to file taxes

I never understood why people always wait til today to file their taxes. I mean, from what the news indicates it seems to be a majority of people always waits until the last week to file their taxes. Once I recieve my forms from my employers, I like to file for taxes right away. There is less stress on me, I get my refund within 2 weeks and I do not need to worry about April 15th. I also understand those who do not receive their forms due to their incompetent employers but it still seems like a lot of people just like to wait until the last few days to do their taxes. I procrastinate on anything except when it affects me financially. Maybe my prospective will change once I have a family to take care of.