Improving physique without weights

Ian over at JustAGuyThing posted an article (a while back) on how to improve your physique without lifting weight

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Backpacking is fun.

My friends and I went backpacking last weekend since all of us had wanted to for a while. We decided to head up to San Gabriel Mountains where we hiked on the Devil Canyon trail (IIRC). The photos explain the rest, all you need to know is that it was fun, we hiked 14 miles total along a small slope and that Pat carried the most weight since he was new to this.

Time to get in shape.

Let’s get in shape. I have a stomach I want to be toned and it wouldn’t hurt to have more stamina. I’ll start off with – 200 situps a day (100 in morning, 100 in evening). Will increase 50-100 every week until I hit 1000 per day. And yes, I know people who can do this. OH I AM GOING TO DIE. – 4 miles every week (spread out whenever I have time, if no time, I guess I’ll be running 4 miles on Sunday 🙂 – Weight lifting at least twice a week, hopefully three (really busy to fit into schedule). For me, this is realistic. I’ll build up to what I really want. 1000 situps a day, running 7-10 miles every week and going to gym 4 times a week. And hopefully if I eat right and actually stick to this, I can achieve everything I want by ...(Read More)