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New photos of Mercury

Few days ago, Messenger spacecraft got close enough to Mercury to get more photos of it, showing more than what we had previous known.

US consumer’s amassed 15.6 billion in debt in November

U.S. Consumer Debt Rose $15.4 Billion in November to a cool 2.5 trillion dollars. I hate whoever invented plastic money.

Warner Bros picks Blu-Ray

Warner Bros announced Friday that it would pick up Blu-ray as its high definition standard

Finance and tumbles

For the last few months, I have been keeping up with a number of personal finance blogs since they tends to keep me on track financially (which is to stop spending so much). You figure a college student, making barely any money, loaded with debt that this would be the last thing too worry about. But these days, everyone is starting to invest early and seems to be what most PF blogs lean towards. I have been for the last several years looking at my spendings but as I earn a bit more here and there, I spend a bit more so my spending/earn ratio never really changes. I noticed over at An English Major’s Money about a website that keeps track of your net worth. I thought that was a neat way for me to keep track of how much I was worth since numbers and graphs are so ...(Read More)

Crane blocks 405 northbound :(

The northbound 405 Freeway was closed in Sherman Oaks for several hours this afternoon and traffic was backed up for about 10 miles after a giant construction crane collapsed onto part of the roadway.