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Cheney and Obama are relatives

Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are indeed, cousins. And apparently, Obama and President Bush are related to. I am just laughing here, it’s just so weird.


Why choose when you can combine? courtesy of LAist

Drama behind Stage6 Shutdown

The story behind Stage6 shutdown. Drama and greed ahoy!

Yay, tax rebates!

Congress approved the 168 billion last week, so I can get extra money this year :D. I also just found out that I will be getting 600 dollars back from the government this year. That in addition to the 600 dollar rebate will net me around 1200 dollars in returns this year. Rather than go on a spending spree, that money is going straight into savings until I need to start paying off my college loan. Oh god, the day that happens.

Health Ledger dead

Apparently, Health Ledger of Brokeback Mountain and many others (although no one remembers) died at 3:26PM EST of a “drug overdose.” Quoted because that’s what the initial reports are. Is it bad that the first thing I thought of was “I hope Batman: The Dark Knight is done filming?”