Microsoft rejects Yahoo

I haven’t been following closely at what has been going on with Microsoft’s negotiations to take over Yahoo besides hearing the intent to buy and last week when Microsoft was mentioning it might pull out. Well apparently it did over the weekend and as a result, the Yahoo stock has plunged which is what analyst would say if Microsoft were to pull out. Now, why is Yahoo not accepting Microsoft’s offer anyways? Is it because of the stigma attaches to them as the big bad bully? A lot of shareholders are upset over Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft, which is warranted considering how their share has been doing recently over the last few years. I need to read more on this now

Drama behind Stage6 Shutdown

The story behind Stage6 shutdown. Drama and greed ahoy!

IE7 fixes many CSS bugs

Wow, I just found out that IE7 will have a bunch of css bug fixes. No more applying special fixes for IE browsers!

WordPress 1.2 Final Released

Crap, right when I thought I upgraded to the newest I find out Matt released 1.2 final. Anyways, features listed here: Sub-categories: Categories can be arranged hierarchically and infinitely deep. Multiple categories combined with sub-categories gives WordPress the most comprehensive taxonomy system of any blogging software available. OPML Export and Import: You can import and export OPML to systems like Bloglines or desktop aggregators like NetNewsWire and FeedDemon. Automatic Thumbnail Creation System: WordPress has a refined upload feature that automatically creates thumbnails any size you want. Encrypted passwords and cookies: All passwords in the database and password cookies are encrypted, ensuring maximal security. New plugin architecture: The new plugin architecture simplifies modifying or extending WordPress’ features. Plugins can now hook into nearly every action WordPress does. Localization of WordPress and Unicode support: The efforts put into internationalizing WordPress have borne fruit, and now you can adapt WordPRess to work in ...(Read More)

WordPress 1.2 Delta Released

Newest version of WordPress, which powers this weblog, is released. Well, it was released several days ago, it is just that I noticed it today and installed it. View the release here and download it here