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Microsoft rejects Yahoo

I haven’t been following closely at what has been going on with Microsoft’s negotiations to take over Yahoo besides hearing the intent to buy and last week when Microsoft was mentioning it might pull out. Well apparently it did over the weekend and as a result, the Yahoo stock has plunged which is what analyst would say if Microsoft were to pull out. Now, why is Yahoo not accepting Microsoft’s offer anyways? Is it because of the stigma attaches to them as the big bad bully? A lot of shareholders are upset over Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft, which is warranted considering how their share has been doing recently over the last few years. I need to read more on this now

Last day to file taxes

I never understood why people always wait til today to file their taxes. I mean, from what the news indicates it seems to be a majority of people always waits until the last week to file their taxes. Once I recieve my forms from my employers, I like to file for taxes right away. There is less stress on me, I get my refund within 2 weeks and I do not need to worry about April 15th. I also understand those who do not receive their forms due to their incompetent employers but it still seems like a lot of people just like to wait until the last few days to do their taxes. I procrastinate on anything except when it affects me financially. Maybe my prospective will change once I have a family to take care of.

Citi’s Driver Edge Credit Card is Awesome

So I was going through my finances like I do every few days, since I don’t really keep an actual written budget (more like its in my head, I am pretty good with that sort of stuff) and I noticed I got a DE SERVICE CREDIT on my credit card in in the amount of 50.xx. After thinking about it, I remember it was probably due to the service rebate form I sent in two weeks back. First of all, how it works is basically any kind of car service you perform on your registered vehicle on the card, as long as you fill out a form and send in your receipts (which you’ll never get back), they will credit you for the full amount sans tax. Basically, free car service. In my case, I got an oil change and it came out to be 53.xx with tax included. For ...(Read More)

I wish some things were true on April Fools

For example, Google announced Project Virgle which is a joint project with Virgin to create the first colony on Mars. That would be so cool if it were real 🙁

Government approves Sirius to buyout XM Satellite Radio

This is awesome. I just saw this on CNBC and the words “YES!” went on in my head. Through my utter sheer stupidity, I thought my car was preinstalled with XM radio so when I saw a sale for XM gift cards at half price (15$ for 30$ gift card), I got three in hopes of buying a years subscription at half price. To be honest, I need to blame the salesman, he kept on imprinting in my head that it was XM radio when in fact it was Sirius. But hey, if the buyout goes through, I should be able to use my XM card for my Sirius subscription.