15 foods that burn more calories then they contain

Called negative calorie foods, here’s a list of fifteen foods that burn more calories then they contain. Just make sure that’s not all you eat since it will lead to malnutrition you cheater.

Crane blocks 405 northbound :(

The northbound 405 Freeway was closed in Sherman Oaks for several hours this afternoon and traffic was backed up for about 10 miles after a giant construction crane collapsed onto part of the roadway.

iPhone coming earlier then June?

ThinkSecret reports on chatter that the iPhone ship date may have been conservative. According to their sources, the iPhone may be shipping as early as April.

IE7 fixes many CSS bugs

Wow, I just found out that IE7 will have a bunch of css bug fixes. No more applying special fixes for IE browsers!

Nathalie bday pics up

Went to the Caspian, a Persian restaurant, for Nathalie’s 19th birthday. There were belly dancers and the food was good. The photos are up in the gallery