WordPress 2.5 is a nice change

Oh man, for some reason I decided to check wordpress.org today and noticed they came out with 2.5. Since I have heard a lot of rave about it and saw that they redesigned the administrative panel, I decided to upgrade. Boy, I am happy, best new feature I discovered is the gallery, no more need for gallery plugins or addons, this seems to integrate straight into wordpress. Now, I hope none of hacks/plugins are broken. One thing I noticed as I am using the admin panel now, is I want to be able to change the categories so it is to the right of the text box like it was before. I have a large monitor and there is a lot of unused space to my right.

New theme: Imhotep

First of, let’s define who Imhotep was: Imhotep was chief architect to the Third Dynasty King Djoser (2687-2668 BC). He is the first master architect we know by name, and was in charge of building the original step pyramid at Saqqara. This pyramid also set a precedent by including a collection of temples, pavilions, corridors, chapels and halls within the enclosure walls.http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/imhotep.shtml I’ll let you figure out why I decided to name my theme Imhotep 🙂 Demo: click here Download: click here (1.01) Instructions: Unzip and drop imhotep folder into wp-content/themes then activate Notes: None, just a stock theme. Please check the demo url for the stock version of the theme. The one being shown on ATN is my personal modified version 🙂 Also, the blog header image was made with a camera set to 10 second exposure, then I took a flashlight and wrote the word blog in the ...(Read More)

WordPress 1.5 is released

WordPress 1.5 is now released. Go update your blogs and/or install WordPress!

Placid 1.01

As you have noticed, I changed the layout. Again. It’s a revision of the old one with a lot of the quirks cleaned out. I tried to get the theme looking the same in both IE and Firefox and there are some things that only Firefox detects so either a) change to that browser b) you won’t be able to see some of the things. Now, for the release. If you download and use it and note any bugs, please reply below or something so I can fix it in the next release. Demo: Placid theme live Version: 1.01 (released 3-2-05) Download: here (need winzip to open) Installation: Install it like any other theme, drop the folder into the wp-content/theme folder (requires 1.5 to be installed). Note: This is just a basic release, no plugins attached or any of that. It goes along with the stock installation of wordpress. Please ...(Read More)

I am so excited.

I am almost done with my theme for my site. It’s going to be a theme for 1.5 (also checking 1.2.2) for wordpress and it’s going to look similiar to this one with all the fixes that I put down when I was working on this site. Stay tune!