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Placid 1.01

As you have noticed, I changed the layout. Again. It’s a revision of the old one with a lot of the quirks cleaned out. I tried to get the theme looking the same in both IE and Firefox and there are some things that only Firefox detects so either a) change to that browser b) you won’t be able to see some of the things. Now, for the release. If you download and use it and note any bugs, please reply below or something so I can fix it in the next release. Demo: Placid theme live Version: 1.01 (released 3-2-05) Download: here (need winzip to open) Installation: Install it like any other theme, drop the folder into the wp-content/theme folder (requires 1.5 to be installed). Note: This is just a basic release, no plugins attached or any of that. It goes along with the stock installation of wordpress. Please ...(Read More)

I am so excited.

I am almost done with my theme for my site. It’s going to be a theme for 1.5 (also checking 1.2.2) for wordpress and it’s going to look similiar to this one with all the fixes that I put down when I was working on this site. Stay tune!

Being spammed to hell?

And using WordPress? Lately, there has been a bot hitting a lot of wordpress blogs under the name “online poker.” Podz, our friendly moderator of the wordpress support forums has created a webpage on ways to combat the spam. Take a gander if you are getting pissed about the issue. I for one, have installed mookitty’s spaminator and so far so good.