An Update From Me

I just noticed, I like this theme. It’s a bit empty so I might widen the content post a bit but I liked what I did in terms of javascript. It’s amazing the cool things you will do when it’s for you as opposed for someone else. I should post more as well. I became discouraged after my host crashed and I lost 3 months worth of posts and most of my images not on flickr. It’s a shame since Wayback Machine doesn’t store any of my new revisions since 2008 and Google Cache probably had it deleted a long time ago. Which is a shame.

In other news, I just read some of my old posts from 2003 and noticed that my writing was definitely different and so was my maturity. So, I’m setting those to private. With the way potential clients/employers/anyone looking up your info so easily, there’s no need for anyone to read about how I was before.